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Product Design 
Reverse Engineering
Mold Design (2D&3D) 
DFM (Design for Manufacturing) 
Mold Flow Analysis 
Application Engineering--Materials
rapid prototype

Jiahao Mould also offer Rapid Tools and Rapid Prototype advantages:
Short lead time: simple parts need 2 to 3 weeks.
Medium parts 3 weeks. Large part 4 weeks.
Same quality as the serial mold and we can inject max up to 30,000 shot parts.
Low cost: cost was only 50% to the serial mold.

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this bracket made by a single cavity prototype tools in china   2   3
Pro-001   Pro-002   Pro-003
Pro-004   Pro-005   Pro-006
this is a rapid tooling for some gear products   this is a rapid prototype mould for two shelf products   this is a prototype tools for some engineering products
Pro-007   Pro-008   Pro-009