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Product Design 
Reverse Engineering
Mold Design (2D&3D) 
DFM (Design for Manufacturing) 
Mold Flow Analysis 
Application Engineering--Materials
Home Appliance

Injection Molding
  Jiahao Mould produce your injection molding components at low cost, on time (based on your JIT requirements) and in SPEC (per your dimensional specifications).We produce plastic product around the clock, seven days a week.Quality system for injection moldings plastic in china.

ISO 9001 Compliant
  Customer satisfaction begins and ends with quality service and parts. Quality is a top priority at Jiahao Mould where customer satisfaction insures our future in injection moldings plastic china.

Home Appliance Service
  Jiahao Mould produce all kinds of household plastic mould and plastic injection molded parts as below:
   Washing machine, Air conditioning, TV, Monitor, Computer, Cleaning machine, Coffee pot & electronic teapot, Food adjustor, Humidifier & air fresher, Fan, Tableware products…….

  household plastic mould China, plastic injection molded parts China, injection moldings plastic china

these air conditional parts made by household plastic mould in china   these household plastic injection molded parts made by Exceed mold   3
HA-001   HA-002   HA-003
HA-004   HA-005   HA-006
  5   6
HA-007   HA-008   HA-009